Friday, April 11, 2014

My Alchemy

I just bought a new lens for my camera. This one I have been needing for some time now. I swear it will be tough to take it off. It's a Tokina 11-16 f/2.8 crop sensor lens for Canon. This is going to be my money maker. This is why he's already been named... Rumpelstiltskin.The metaphor of spinning straw into gold is akin to how I feel about this lens.

So I will need to get it fixed or deal with a bit of a jamming manual focus. I'm used to manual focus having learned on old SLR's. But I would rather have it fixed so I can get some great shots in the dark rides. Specifically Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, Tower of Terror, and maybe Peter Pan. Those are ones I know from Disneyland. There are ones in WDW I just don't know yet and I hope to become very familiar with. Working in attractions, I'm sure I will. But mostly I'm excited to take pictures in the resort hotels. There seems to be a wealth of great shots to be taken at these stylized themed resorts. The POP specifically will be fun to photograph.

Today I had to work on a QR code for an idea of mine. I bought a couple of florescent yellow shirts and one light blue shirt so I could put a a QR code on the back, so while I'm taking pictures people can scan the code and go to my website. It's kinda like a Where's Waldo or "Where in the World" is Digital Elegance? A fun game to play and it's also a fun marketing tool. So I created the QR code and then I bought the iron on paper to do it from home. I wish I could find a screen printer to do it for me.

But I have been having fun getting ready for Disney in everything. I've had some crazy ups and downs lately, but things are working out for me. For example: plane ticket for $136, student loan coming in after residency kicking in, getting a new Galaxy Note 3, and buying a Canon t3 for $130 ($112 for the body and 18-55 lens, where the lens alone costs $100-$120, and $17 for batteries. Altogether that's more than half off). This life rocks. Until next time...

What is the best Walt Disney World Android App?

Monday, March 31, 2014

Good Bye Lilly Belle

I got word the other day that the Lilly Belle was now going back to private mode. It will not be available to the general public for rides around the park. This gem of the Disneyland Railroad was one of the most romantic attractions Disneyland had to offer. Mostly because people didn't know about it much and you had to ask for it. The rarity in itself made this a must ride. Not only that, but hyper-filled with history.

This is one of the things I would tell people to do if they had the time. I would tell them to go to the cast member at Main Street Station and ask if they could reserve seating on the Lilly Belle. If it was running they were given a time to come back to ride it full circle with a guide. It was a free tour full of information. But now this will most likely be part of a tour that you have to pay for or for the original purpose, for dignitaries and Club 33 Members.

As far at I know, Tinder is still available to the public. This is another I highly recommend for the train enthusiast. It's only for 2 people and it is also a full circle tour with tons of information. Same requirement are involved with asking if it's running and if you can schedule a return time. Oh, and you have to ask day of. This is not something you can call in to reserve.

I was lucky to enjoy both in my time. There are many of these little tips that make Disney amazing for the true fan.

What are some rare tips that you like?

What are some rare tips for Walt Disney World?

Friday, March 14, 2014

Roommate Findinator 3000 Video

This video explains how to use the Findinator 3000 as well as registration.